Random Stuff

Yah, so today I’m taking it kind of easy. With so many things on my mind, it’s good to take a mental health day to just chill out a bit. I read up on some health topics I really wanted to know more about and found this really cool device called a QLink. I can’t fully recommend it yet, but I’m planning to save my pennies and buy one and when I do, I’ll tell you if it’s worth it. It totally SOUNDS like it is. I read the research page from top to bottom and the studies sound very sensible and solid. Of course, my inner conspiracy theorist wants me to never believe ANYTHING I read where the collection of money is involved. But I’m gonna go with my gut on this one.

Another site I frequent to maintain my lunacy status amongst my peers is the Hallelujah Acres site. I don’t actually believe as they do that this lifestyle is perfect for everyone, but it sure feels good to me! When I eat a high raw diet, I feel SO energetic and clear headed!! When I don’t, I feel sluggish and slow. It’s as simple as that. Now that doesn’t mean I’m anywhere near becoming the raw diet poster child. Sometimes my desire for Moose Tracks Fudge ice cream takes over and I let carrots become rubber in the crisper drawer. But such is the struggle to obtain anything worthwhile. I am happy to say I’ve eaten predominantly raw (atleast 85%) for over a week now and have dropped 5 pounds already. Feels great and I have no intention of stopping now!

Lastly, here’s a fun little link to a site where you can hone your vocabulary skills and allegedly earn free rice for the hungry. Can’t say I would spend much time on here JUST for the donation part (the conspiracy theorist wells up once again) however, if there’s even a CHANCE it’s actually donating AND I’m sharpening my mind for a couple minutes a day, why not? I had fun finding out that my vocabulary level was 35, learned a few new words, and maybe someone out there got a bowl of rice…it could happen!

Sorry for those of you who saw a new post and expected pictures! There’ll be more where those come from soon…



Oh, I have been just DYING to blog about these pictures for the past couple days (had to wait for the go ahead from Lily’s mom.) Lily was a fantastic model! Very content to be photogenic and expressive. What a cutie!

This first picture is my absolute favorite from the session, and one of my new favorite shots ever! I just LOVE how Dad’s arms make her look so tiny and her little facial expression is amused and smirky. It’s just a great little portrait that says so much. I can’t get enough of it!

Nicole Merie

You’re going to think I’m a NUT posting new stuff as frequently as I am, but this just shows ya’ll how busy I’ve been! It’s been a really huge juggling act to keep everything balanced and running smoothly around here. I’ve had lots of help, especially from my amazing hubby (including his willingness to let me hire some extra help). It hasn’t been easy (…but I can’t lie…taking all these pictures sure has been FUN!!!)

So this is my friend Nicole who actually graduated from high school about a year ago but didn’t have any “real” senior pictures taken. We had a great time yesterday taking some cool pictures that we were both thrilled with! Since Nicole is also a budding artist and aspiring photographer, she was very patient while I played around with some interesting lighting setups.

Adoption Projects and Good News!

Right now I have two very good friends (four actually…two couples) who are pursuing adoptions. I’ve had the honor and immense pleasure of taking pictures for both of their adoption profiles! This is the third adoption project I’ve been involved in for friends. I can’t even tell you how much I enjoy being a part of helping my friends find the children God has for them out there somewhere! It’s an indescribable feeling to witness this all come together. Just this morning, our friends Bex and Andy, who are adopting from the special needs list in China, announced exuberantly that they have found their son! His name is Xu Bing and he’s two years old. His special need is that his left hand did not form correctly in utero. He is a BEAUTIFUL child and I can’t WAIT to meet him! Bex is my hero…a true SUPERMOM! After four biological children, she still has enough energy to adopt a FIFTH and head up the adoption ministry at their church, and run Artistree, a blog header design service to help fund their adoption…amongst MANY other amazing things she does (time and space will not permit). Here’s some pictures from Andy and Rebecca’s adoption session…and for more on their adoption journey, check it out for yourself here!

Our friends Pete and Bethany, are in the process of their second adoption. They’re going through a local adoption agency and are asked to provide a book to tell the birth mother a little about their life and family. Their project got me all hyped up because I got to do a huge lifestyle session and make this cool album and a little DVD video thing for them too…it was SOOOO fun! We came up with the idea of the book being about their family from their oldest son, Micah’s perspective. Here’s what we came up with…

This is the cover…imagine it folded…come on, I know you can do it!

Page one…click on the image if you’d like to see the page close enough to read the text.

It’s Summertime in my Head…!

There’s snow on the ground, frost on the windows, and as I work on the computer in the evening, my right hand on the mouse gets really, really cold way over there so far away from any heat source (seriously, I kid you not!). BUT, I am super charged with spring and summer energy already!! Why? Because I am cooped up in the house right NOW, but I have a lot to do to get ready…we’re headed to so many fun places that my mind is already flying!

First we’ll be taking the whole family to Florida to see Grandma, lil bro Jas who’s at PCC, and some of our good friends from hs and college. A month after that I’ll be headed to Myrtle Beach to photograph Paul and Crissy’s much anticipated beach wedding. I’ll be taking my lovely photographer friend Katie with me. We’re so excited for a fun road trip and the AMAAAAAZING pictures we’re going to get on the beach. Prior to heading out there, we’re both going to gather some inspiration from Jerry Ghionis at a seminar in Detroit. I expect the seminar to be phenomenal! After Myrtle Beach, James and I will be going to California! Neither of us has been that far west, so I’m psyched! I’ll be photographing a 50th anniversary ceremony and reception for the grandparents of my good friend Jennifer. I’m looking forward to touring Yosemite and maybe we’ll venture as far as San Francisco. Our flight to CA will be a little practice run for our next trip because a month later James and I will be going with our church group to Romania for a missions trip!

That’s about it! I’m already mentally running through all these trips trying to figure out how it’s all going to work! SO much to think about and to plan! I’m not sure if breaking free of the winter blues in February gives me enough time to plan for all of it, but better late than never! lol


This is Nolan! Nolan is another little guy who I was honored to meet very soon after birth. I am TOTALLY soaking up all these little newborns now that my youngest is almost 2. I just can’t get enough baby time! Nolan did a fantastic job cooperating for both awake and sleeping pictures. He made my job easy! Mom and Dad were great to work with too…very patient and up for any idea that popped into my quirky little brain!

Eliza Jane

Now Eliza Jane is our little escape artist! This little cutie was born in record time! I was supposed to photograph her homebirth, but from the time that Mom called me (in a fairly calm state) to tell me to come over, to the time she was born was exactly 25 minutes! I was showered and ready to walk out the door when Mom called and said, “My husband just delivered the baby on the bathroom floor!” We’ve been laughing about it ever since! These are Eliza’s 2 week pictures, and her birth announcement.


Little Sophia was only days old when I met her! Besides coming home from the hospital, I was her first trip out! What an honor! She did amazingly well. She gave Daddy’s t-shirt a new redecorated look, but he was a good sport about it! 🙂 Here’s her birth announcement and a few of my favorite shots…


Ok, brace yourselves, but I have some catching up to do! I’ve been a busy little mamarazzi lately and there are some little cutie pies that I just can’t overlook! Six month old Eli is one of the happiest kids I’ve seen in a long time! He was hungry for most of this photo session, but look at these happy grins! He was being so cute that I was just going to shoot until he fussed, but I finally had to say, “OK…feed him! I guess he’s not gonna complain!” lol