Stacy’s Pregnancy Session

I got special permission from Stacy to share this image from her pregnancy session. It’s my absolute FAVORITE!!! She was SO great to work with, and so trusting to do whatever crazy thing I asked her to do! We had such a great time, and as you can see, ended up with some very cool pictures. Not pictured here, but working sidestage, is her husband, Russ. Russ was SO great to work with too and is going to make a fantastic doting father very soon!! Congrats, guys! Can’t wait to meet Jr.!

Coloring Easter Eggs

This past weekend we enjoyed a visit from James’ parents. The boys ESPECIALLY soaked up Gramma and Grampa’s attention. On Saturday night we colored Easter Eggs and had a great time.

Jadon’s first taste of hard boiled egg…atleast that he can remember. Being a texture kid, he wasn’t too sure about it, but he ended up liking it.

I LOOOOVE this grin. I just can’t get enough of it!

Grandpa blow-dried the eggs so stickers would stick.

Corban didn’t want his picture taken. He had no idea how photogenic he was anyways. 🙂

But after a bribe, I got a good smile. Amazing what we’ll do for these smiles!

Jadon couldn’t get the stickers to stop sticking to his fingers!

This is Grandpa Egghead! Isaac made that one.

Nice to have a little break from work related pictures and catch
some fleeting moments of my favorite subjects in the world!! 🙂

Little Nolan is THREE MONTHS OLD!

Remember the cute little guy that curled up in a sleeping ball for us…can you believe that was THREE MONTHS AGO?? Look how big he’s gotten!! What a cutey! I’ve been in love with him from the moment I saw him and I was so bummed I couldn’t hold him this time because of my cast. It’s just not the most soft and comfortable thing for holding babies. But when he’s in for his six month session I’ll snuggle him plenty to make up for it!

Olivia & Maddy

Talk about natural modeling talent! These girls needed very little instruction…I’m in the business of making people look good, but these girls make ME look good! 🙂 We had a ton of fun and lots of laughs. Here’s a few of my favorite shots (forgive me…I can’t narrow it down any further than this!)

Paul & Crissy

Ok, I’ve been DYING to blog these guys for a whole WEEK now, but I had to make sure they were the first to see them! Last weekend Katie and I took Paul and Crissy out to New Buffalo for some engagement pictures and it was SOOO gorgeous! After we got over the initial shock we experienced when we realized the lake was still FROZEN, we laughed it off and had a GREAT time just goofing off and getting some really cool shots. The sun was warm and the sunset was beautiful. I managed NOT to reinjure my braced and broken wrist, which was great. And we didn’t lose anyone beneath the ice…atleast not a WHOLE someone…hee hee! So here are my favorite shots of the very adorable couple…check it out! Can’t wait till their Myrtle Beach wedding in May!!!!!

Fashion Photography is Dangerous…

…well, it is if you’re me anyways! I provided a small group of models and hair stylists with some free pre-shoot entertainment (in the form of a flailing fall) that resulted in a broken wrist. So here I sit at my computer typing with my right hand and hunt-and-pecking with my left pinky. It’s pretty funny to watch, I’m sure! I am told by the ER Dr. that my bone broke when I bent my hand so far that the tendons snapped the tip off the bone. The result is a very bad sprain and a small break. I should be fine…I have an appointment with the orthopedist on Thurs.

In other news, our trip to Detroit to hear Jerry Ghionis in an all day seminar was AMAZING!! I came home with all kinds of ideas and tricks. We even got a picture with Jerry!

However, as you can see, Jerry was not as star struck with the three musketeers from South Bend as we were with him, so I will choose to remember it more like THIS:

(sorry, Jerry)

Actually, he was probably very tired in that picture! I have to say, Jerry was SOOO great to listen to and he gave us his heart and soul. He didn’t hold back an ounce. When it was time to break, he offered to keep going and we all cheered, so he kept speaking. From 9am to 10:30pm he barely had a break. We definitely got our $$’s worth!

Well, I’ll have new pictures to show soon…this weekend I had three really great photo shoots! More on those later…

Congrats to the Contestants!!!

I’m so excited to be able to say that all three of the students I mentored this year placed in the competition today! 🙂 Two walked away with 1st place and will be going to Nationals, and the other placed 2nd. I’m unable to show Nathan’s project because it’s a film print and it was such a rushed project that we didn’t have time to scan it. I’ve already showed you Lindsey’s picture (the water drops on the leaf). So all that’s left to show you is Chad’s project. I think it’s pretty awesome…he came to me with this concept and really pulled it together well.

Today I’m pretty excited as well because I had my new personal assistant/office manager working in my office for the first time. Things are getting organized and filed…it’s a light at the end of a very long tunnel! I’m organizationally challenged when it comes to paperwork and filing cabinets. Chrissy is so VERY much a gift from God!!

This weather has me super charged! Our windows are open and fresh air is blowing through the house. It’s fabulous! Hope you all enjoy your weekends!!

I’m so excited right now!

Ok, so I don’t know what order to list things in…what I’m MOST excited about first, or what I’m LEAST excited about first. Of course I want to just BLURT out what I’m most excited about, but I guess if I refer back to my college English class, I’d have to say save the best for last, so that’s what I’ll do.

First of all, I’m SUPER excited to be going to hear Jerry Ghionis in an all day seminar tomorrow. Two of my very good photographer friends, Katie and Joe, are going with me and we’ll be leaving at 4:45 in the morning to drive to Detroit, and getting home around 2am the next morning. It’s not a cheap seminar and we’re adding to our expense and inconvenience by traveling 3 hours to hear him, but I have high hopes that it will be OH-SO-WORTH-IT!

Even MORE exciting…and this will only make your toes tingle if you are a fellow photographer, but on it’s way to my house right now is my brand new 70-200 2.8L IS lens! I’m pretty stoked. This thing is awesome! And also, a 50mm 1.4. I’m pretty excited about the little lens too, but it’s a bit overshadowed by the bigger decision. Finally, I can’t think of any other big ticket items I need or want for QUITE awhile…(woops, is that my husband screaming “YAH RIGHT!” all the way from Elkhart? hmmm).

But the MOST exciting thing in my world right now, are you ready for this? Jadon said “MAMA” yesterday!!!!!! For those of you who don’t know my son, he’s almost 2 and isn’t talking yet. Of course, every kid has his own time line. I’ve been watching him closely and so have others and we don’t see any reason for concern, but we’ve been very frustrated not to be able to communicate with him as early as we were with his older brother (who often will not STOP communicating long enough to breathe). But yesterday, I asked Jadon to say “Mama” and he looked straight at me and said a very deliberate “Ma-Ma”. I jumped up and down and got him so hyper and embarrassed that he wouldn’t do it again, but this morning he repeated it several times for me when Aunt Diana was here. I am SO excited!! And the proud little smirk he gets on his face when he says it is the BEST. If I can catch it on video, you can bet you’ll be seeing it soon.

Hands down, there’s no question…better than hearing one of the top ten photographers in the world talk all day (all week…all year!), is hearing my son say “MAMA” to me intentionally for the first time!!! 🙂 I’m totally cheesin’!

Mentoring Sessions

Yesterday I had a fun (although very COLD) time hanging out with Nathan from FBCS while we tried to find interesting things to take pictures of for an upcoming photo contest. We ran across a couple of guys, one of which was skateboarding. I asked if he’d let us take some pictures and he was SO nice and did his trick a few times for us. Since Nathan was shooting film, we won’t see his shots for a few days, but here’s mine. I’ll post it in color and in B&W because Nathan’s contest photo has to be B&W, so that’s what we were aiming for. But I do really like the color version as well.

We also stood in oncoming in traffic. 🙂 Hopefully Nathan got a cooler shot than I did with more traffic coming at him and going past. We’ll see when the film is developed.

Now this next shot is NOT MINE AT ALL! This is Lindsey’s…another contest applicant who I did some shooting with. I worked with Lindsey on her contest picture last year too, and she’s just a JOY to work with! She’s picked up the concepts SO quickly. Her picture this year makes me so happy…she did an awesome job! Since she’s entering the digital category, I can already post hers. Hopefully we can scan Nathan’s fim contest entry later and post it as well.

Here’s one of my own shots from my session with Lindsey.