News and Pictures

A little personal post with some random tidbits of news, for those of you who are friends or family. And so many of my customers are friends…or have become friends! So maybe a few of you will find this interesting.

So I went to the Dr. this morning for my newest broken bone. I expected the same nonchalance that I received at the ER in Florida…I FULLY expected them to tape it back up and pat me on the head and send me home with some pain pills. But instead the Dr. said that the bone is in several pieces that aren’t sitting nicely right now and he’d like to OPERATE tomorrow!! I said, “Um…NO?” LOL. He agreed that with all I have going on in the next couple of weeks, it wouldn’t have time to heal properly if we operated that soon, so I’m going back in two weeks for more x-rays. If the bone is still as separated as it is right now, he may still operate. If it has healed too much to operate, we’ll talk about other options. Thankfully, I’m not in a lot of pain. It’s just inconvenient and awkward. And I look pretty funny too. Feel free to point and laugh…I can handle it! 🙂

Yesterday morning I took the kids grocery shopping, which was FUN. Ok, maybe not. I hobbled around with 2 broken bones, and 2 whiney kids for 2 hours…came home 2 tired 2 move! But anyways, on the way out to the van, I can’t remember what I said that impressed him, but Corban remarked in astonishment, “HOW did you KNOW that?” I shrugged my shoulders, “I guess I must be pretty smart!” He climbed into the van and sat down in his seat, “But you’re NOT a GENIUS!” I was pretty crabby at that point, but even I had to laugh right out loud at that one!!

Jadon has been addicted to basketball since before he could walk, but lately it’s hit an all new extreme. “Wilson” has actually become a part of the family. We had to take a “mini Wilson” on vacation with us and thankfully it worked because at home he will accept no replacements. It’s his security ball! He actually sleeps with it! So yesterday I took some official pictures in an attempt to make Wilson feel like part of the family. We might as well accept it since it seems he’s not going anywhere. And of course, Daddy’s actually pretty happy about it. 😉

And here’s a cute candid moment I caught between the boys. Totally unprompted. I love it!

One more Corbanism before I sign out (Bex, thanks for the inspiration). Just now Corban came up to me and said that when he grows up he’ll give me one hug and kiss and then go find a job. I said, “Only one? You don’t have to move FAR away! You could live close by and come see me and give me lots and lots of hugs and kisses!” To this he replied, “Well, I don’t know where God is going to put my town yet! He might put it a long ways away and I have to live in it if that’s where he puts it!” LOL…the world truly does revolve around you when you’re four years old, doesn’t it?

Have a fabulous day everyone!

Emblazon Salon Grand Opening!!!

This weekend was the official Grand Opening of Emblazon Salon!!! The party was smokin’ hot and THE place to be! After about 6 weeks of hiding these pictures, they have been unveiled and I can now finally share with you the unique Emblazon Salon style that is transforming our view, one head at a time. To get the full effect, you’ll have to check out the salon for yourself where all these pictures are hanging life-sized on the walls. Drop in and say hello, and when you do, tell them Christi sent you!

A vacation and another break…

We’re back from our Florida vacation!!! It was SO nice to get away and spend time with family. Here’s some pictures…but of course!!

I took this picture out the window of our moving van at 70 mph (no one would take pity on me and stop…I was WAY out numbered). I thought it was SO pretty even though it was not our destination…just in passing, it was gorgeous scenery.

We took a little mini trip down to see some of our best friends from college, Rae and Troy. We were in each other’s weddings 8 years ago. They now have two adorable kids, and while Nikolas napped, Katy let me take a few pictures of her! I am just smitten with this blue-eyed red-headed CUTEY!

This is my dear friend Rae…this picture taken as she sarcastically states, “My life is SO glamorous!” But to us Northerners, um, it really IS pretty nice! Such beautiful scenery and endless blue skies and sunshine! What’s not to love? And Rach is so relaxed and living in the moment…IDK…it seems pretty glam to me! I’d take it!

For dinner, we went to an adorable little restaurant on the gulf and watched the sun set while we ate. Always a sucker for a sunset, I ran out to catch a few shots of our gorgeous view.

By the time we were done eating, it was completely dark, so here’s a very badly lit self portrait of us. The temp had dropped to about 55…Rae and Troy’s teeth were chattering while we took our ever loving time enjoying the WARM night! We both wondered WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU GUYS? lol

This is Nikolas! I didn’t get to do any outdoor pictures with him this trip, but I’ll catch him next time for sure. The time just slipped away from us…

Every day we spent a few hours in the pool. Here’s Grandma watching the boys swim.

Jadon got REALLY comfortable with the water…

Uncle Micah’s just too cool…for what, we don’t know…but he is.

Corban learned to swim around in his floatie by himself…

The jump…

The splash…!

The guys feeding fish and turtles off the pier…

Another amazing sunset…

Some of our grateful beneficiaries…

Just a cool picture of some pond plants…

My beautiful Grandma! She is so amazing and I adore her! My Grandpa was a big Italian Papa, the family patriarch who made us all laugh and love life. He passed away almost a year ago and they were so close that I simply couldn’t imagine either of them without the other. But Grandma is so much stronger than I ever realized. It was good to spend time with her and see her healing and laughing, and to share some tears too. I can’t say enough about my Gram…she’s an amazing woman.

Here’s Jadon running to Daddy…SUCH a Daddy’s boy! He’s going to be CRUSHED when he realizes Daddy goes back to work on Monday! 😦

Isaac the daredevil. Never dare him. He’s likely to do it even if it’s stupid and it hurts.

We took a little mini safari ride through a state park. Here’s Corban checking out a snake skin that the tour guide showed us. Jadon’s not quite sure what to think, but he’s pretty content to let Corban do all the handling!

Much to my boys’ delight, we saw lots of gators…

…and turtles…

…and heron…

…and butterflies…

Best gator shot of the day! He was the most active of the ones we encountered. Shortly after this shot, he quickly slithered off into the water. This guy was probably 5-6 feet long and not very far away…it was pretty cool.

As you may have noticed in a previous picture, my cast has been replaced with a brace! YAY for that! However, in another less-than-graceful slip-and-fall accident this week, I managed to break the big toe on my left foot. Fantastic. My left side is OBVIOUSLY in a state of rebellion and revolution…trying to stop me from whatever my right side is determined to accomplish. What on my left side will I break next? Your guess is as good as mine! But NEVER FEAR…business will carry on as usual! I’m not one to let a little broken bone slow me down! 😉

Jared and Jalayne are Married!!!

I have been waiting for what feels like an ETERNITY for these guys to get back from their honeymoon so I could post their oh-so-awesome wedding pictures! This was my first wedding of the 2008 season and I could NOT have been more excited! It was a beautiful day, gorgeous couple, SOOO much love, fantastic setting…LOVED it! Here’s a few of my favorites, and a little slideshow. To see ALL of the pictures, click here and find Jared & Jalayne’s names in the list.

Ryan and Lil’ Jen are Engaged!

Ryan & Jen are gettin’ married!
Lil’ Jen is a stylist at
the fabulous Emblazon Salon in downtown SB and
Ryan is her full time Prince Charming
(oh, and he does plumbing in his spare time! *wink*)
They are SUCH a cute couple!
This session’s primary purpose was to
end up with wedding invitations,
so here’s what we ended up with
(minus details to ward off the papparazzi)

And we figured with all these CUTE pictures,
we might as well make their RSVP cards
super adorable too!
The only problem is, some people
may not WANT to send these back! LOL!

Here’s some of the other cute pictures we got that were
really difficult not to use!

This one was JUST for fun…it had no chance for the invitations!
But I love how Ryan and Jen have so much fun together!
This picture captures so much personality!

The Fantastic Four (I.S. style)

This shoot was WAY out of my photographic box (don’t worry, I haven’t joined the dark side! lol) On Saturday some photographer friends and I did a photo shoot in an abandoned synagog. What a COOOL location for a grunge session! Thanks to Conrad for hooking us up. And to my good friend Jennifer from Emblazon Salon for the amaaaaazing hair and makeup concepts!

While shooting, I was trying to think of a story to tell with these models and this location, because pictures are always cooler when they tell a story, but I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. I wasn’t seeing the big picture so I was drawing a complete blank. But when the 3rd round of hair and makeup came about and we headed to the damp and REALLY grungy basement for some super dramatic pictures at the end of the night, I think that’s what pulled the story together for me. I saw the pictures when I got home and I instantly saw a story unfold about four mutants hiding away in an abandoned building, shunned by society. But at night…when the moon comes out…they transform and emerge from the underground as unlikely street heroes. (I know, it’s all been done, but here’s my own artistic spin on it)

The moon comes out and the transformation begins…
(I know, it’s a little bit creepy, but remember, we’re making a movie here. lol)

Presenting…the whole decked out dramatic team of underground superheroes!
They really WERE our super heroes because it was so cooooold
and we shot for about 4-5 hours. They were SO great to work with!
Thanks Kristin, Brooke, Aleigha, and Cody!

Here’s some behind the scenes footage…

And here’s a picture that is really too dark for my taste…
it totally reminds me of a vampire movie, and I HAAATE
vampire movies! I didn’t include it in my storyline cuz
it cast too dark of a feel and that’s not really
how I pictured my story. BUT, being a photographer
right to the very core, I LOVE this picture for the
lighting technique, which was Joe’s little masterpiece.
It involved atleast 4 lights, maybe more…
we have a strobe all the way in the balcony so that
there’s backlighting for the chandelier. While I shudder
just a little if I truly look at the picture, I’m hoping you can
see it like I can cuz the level of complexity is pretty cool.

Colton & Kirah

I was pretty stoked to meet new baby Kirah…her big brother Colton has always been so much fun and I knew she’d be cute as a button! Well, I was right! Kirah is just as fun and totally adorable, but decided she couldn’t just ride her brother’s reputation…she had to make a very unique name for herself. She set SEVERAL studio records over here! Longest length of “awake time” for an infant…Most undiapered poops EVER (dare I guess a conservative 15?)…AND farthest projectile spit up! We were laughing SO hard, and I feel free to share this because Kirah’s mommy is a longtime friend of mine…Kirah REALLY did NOT want pictures and I don’t thinks she could have made it any more clear! LOL. However, as you’ll see below, she didn’t completely outsmart us!

Dusty & Kristin, congrats on the new family addition and thanks for your patience! I love working with you and can’t wait to see Kirah grow up to be just as gorgeous as her mama!

And Colton…dude, you ROCK! 😉

A Family Session!

I had so much fun working with David and Crystal and their two boys Dylan and Kai! These admirable parents have to muster up QUITE a bit of energy to keep up with their little guys! I got a pretty good workout running around the park with them! But it was SUCH an awesome session…check out these great shots…

I also did a professional headshot for Crystal who is opening her own business! I know she’s going to do so well! She’s got the recipe for success!

National Champs!!

I just got the call this morning! My two mentoring students are on their way back from South Carolina where they entered their projects that placed at State into the National competition. I’m SO excited that both of them placed again!!! Nathan’s film-captured picture won 1st place (I will definitely have to scan his image and share it with you) and Lindsey’s digital image 2nd! AT NATIONALS! Pretty stinkin’ cool. I’m so proud of them! Can’t wait till they get back so we can start on NEXT year’s project! LOL.

Introducing…(drum roll please)

Some of you may know that lately I’ve been in a little over my head! Work has been piling up and instead of being an effective business owner, I’ve been my own slave driver! So over the past few weeks, the Dear Lord sent me not one, but TWO personal heroes to rescue me!!! Angels in disguise? I know not! But I can’t even say how much stress this has relieved already!!! Things are getting done…and I’m not doing them! It feels like little daily miracles happening all around me! And if that’s not blessing enough, these two girls have personalities like rays of sunshine to boot. They walk into my office and light up my life!! So without further ado, I proudly introduce the new members of my team! If you call or email in, give them a shout out and get to know them!

Chrissy was actually the FIRST new friend I made when we moved here over eight years ago! She and her family have been some of my favorite models and biggest fans! Now she is assuming the role as my Personal Assistant, (aka, my External Hard Drive!) and my Office Manager…I’m SO lucky to gain her organizational skills and her energy! My filing cabinets are so happy to be used properly that they’re singing the Hallelujah chorus…

Bridget is brand new to my world, but we bonded IMMEDIATELY! Actually, even sooner than immediately…I knew she was a perfect fit when we were just emailing! Bridget is a Graphic Design major at Bethel and will be taking over a lot of my design projects so I can focus more on the photographic end of things. Her super-fun and spontaneous personality is helping me keep it real over here! You’re gonna wanna see what fresh new ideas we pump out…it’s going to be a really fun summer!!!!