Katie’s Senior Pictures Part II

Getting all these senior’s pictures signed, sealed and delivered by their open houses has been a huge undertaking! Katie is the last one, but definitely not the least…we really knocked it out of the park. We decided that it would be fun to begin by wandering around looking for great picture locations. We were like explorers, boldly seeking to transform common locations into extraordinary photo-ops. Ok, so we know where Corban gets his dramatic flair from. But we did find some cool stuff…check it out…

Now THIS is me playin’ around with some crazy lighting technique. Very edgy and daring, don’t you think? I kind of like it!

Sarah’s Senior Pictures Part II

Due to weather, we did Sarah’s senior pictures in two sessions. Our outdoor session at ND last week included a brisk walk through the campus scouting for colorful picture spots and then SNEAKING in to the hockey rink (her PARENTS snuck in with us too, they’re so cool!). She’s a huge ND hockey enthusiast (ah-hem…stalker…? LOL) so we HAD to have pictures in there! I love trespassing…it makes my job exciting! My creed as a photographer: Ask forgiveness, not permission. 🙂

Chad proposed…Ginny said YES!

Chad’s quite a convincing guy…he called me to ask if I’d photograph his proposal to Ginny and I immediately said, “YES!!!” But my enthusiastic response paled in comparison to Ginny’s when he asked her Friday night, “Will you marry me?” It was one of the most amazing things I’ve photographed…almost as cool as a birth, and in some ways, it IS like a birth…the birth of a marriage!
Chad’s surprise to Ginny went something like this:

Date night at Macri’s, reservations at 7:00…”WOOPS, they’re running behind, so let’s take a walk down the East Race. ” As they rounded the corner, I waited with my camera ready, pretending to take pictures of the falls. The walked into my view finder, Ginny still unaware that the camera was really focused on HER!

But when Chad got down on one knee and my camera started machine-gunning, she figured out pretty quickly that she was the main attraction!

I couldn’t hear what Chad was saying over the roar of the falls, but I’m kind of glad because that made it a very personal moment for them. But he said something that made her laugh…


…out came the amazing trillion diamond, which Ginny will have to be careful wearing…her left arm might bulk up from the extra weight!

Here’s the enthusiastic YES!

Look at her checking out the ring one more time…SO CUTE! I don’t blame her! It’s REALLY amazing!

The adorable couple…

The amazing ring…

I love this shot…SUCH a happy moment, and Chad’s so adoring of her!

To be expected, Ginny was quite stunned!

They headed off, back to Macri’s for dinner and then to a surprise party that Chad planned so Ginny could tell her friends and family the good news. Just seeing them together, I know they’re well on their way to happily ever after! Congrats guys!

Lily & Caden

Oh my GOODNESS! SO many favorites from this session! There are several more, but I can’t make the WHOLE session a sneak peek! HA! Lily and Caden were fabulous models. Caden slept…well…like a baby! Or atleast, he slept the way people MEAN it when they SAY that! And when he was awake, he was really chill and mild-mannered. Lily was up past her bedtime, and did fabulous in spite of it! She kept her perfect little princess attitude the whole time!

Baby Ballerina

LOVE this one! Look how Caden puts his hand on Daddy’s face! AWWWW!

Another picture perfect moment!

Who could say no to these eyes?

I love this shot because it shows Lily’s happy, vibrant personality!

If you look up the word “Chill” in the dictionary, I bet Caden’s name is in there somewhere.

Blessing: May your time out bench always collect dust…and sleeping babies.

Daddy noticed right away that Lily’s dress looked like a heart in this picture…pretty cool (and totally Lily’s spontaneous creation!)


While shooting Jared & Jalayne’s wedding last month, I met Eric from Shadow Studios and his crew who were doing the videography. I was initially impressed with his fun personality and when I saw his work, I was definitely hooked. He does videography like no one I’ve ever seen before! If any of you soon-to-be brides are looking for a videographer, I highly recommend you check him out! If I can get one from him, I’ll post a video here soon.


Inspired by my bff Bex, I have decided to use this space to periodically document some quotes from my 4-year old son Corban, hence the term “Corbanisms.” They’re just too enjoyable to keep to myself…

The other day Corban came down the stairs slowly, still groggy from his nap. His forehead scrunched and eyes squinted: “I smell customers.” I said, “You mean you heard customers?” Corban: “No, I smell them.” (they had just left, but they didn’t smell!)

After asking Jadon to play with him and being turned down: “I wish I had a girl brother.”

When Daddy woke up after napping on the livingroom floor this afternoon: “In my head I said like, ‘What is TAKING Daddy so LONG to wake up?'”

My favorite…He told Bridget he’d like to go on a date with her, so she asked if he could take anyone on a date that he wanted to, who would he take: “Mommy.” TALK about MELTING MOMENTS!

Ok, back to pictures…

Micah’s 3-month Pictures

This little three-month CUTIE is Micah! This very first frame of the session, I said, “Ok, Micah, one practice shot…” and he gave me this HUGE grin! I thought to myself, “Oh, THIS is going to be EASY!” LOL. And it was. He hammed it up really nice…

Micah’s version of “the thinker”:

I LOOOOVE this one! He just threw his head back and LAUGHED like he had not a care in the world!

Such expressive toes! To me, it looks like he’s saying, “Hold on just a sec…” with his feet! hee hee

Such stylin’ hair at 3 months old!

This picture makes me imagine what he’s going to look like when he grows up. He looks so mature!

Modeling is SUCH hard work…really tuckers a kid out!

Shawn & Lori, this was just a sneak peek of my favorites! The rest will be posted in the next week or so on my ordering site!

Chloe’s 2 years old!

Little Miss Chloe is just a few weeks younger than my son Jadon, so this is an age I can REALLY relate to and enjoy right now! But Chloe, unlike Jadon, is so SWEET and GIRLY! I really enjoyed watching her enjoy the flowers and explore nature. So sweet! The other thing about Chloe that is so fun to photograph…her EYES! Aren’t they amazing? I did nothing to enhance her eyes at all! Well, happy 2-year birthday, Chloe!