Romania: Day 8 (Running on fumes)

OH SO TIRED! This morning we did pretty much nothing, which felt really good. Tonight we had the baptism at Martzihaz which we JUST got back from (it’s 11:30pm). It was a wonderful experience, but there’s not much of a point in explaining it without the pictures, so I will blog that tomorrow. Wanted to just say hello to everyone and thanks so much for all your encouraging comments. Jonathan would still like to hear from his Mommy. lol. Hope everyone knows we’re just (half) joking about all that.

One thought on “Romania: Day 8 (Running on fumes)

  1. Christi,I am finally able to get to my computer today. We had to set up chairs at church and Friday was an interesting day that started out with Nathanael in the Emergency Room with difficulties in breathing due to a quick on set of Croup. They gave him breathing treatment, meds, and admitted him. He is doing fine and they let us go home that night. OK here is a response to your question!!! Jonathan, you know that we always want you to do what God wants you to do. We have always told you that the way to always be happy is to be in the center of God’s will. We believe that all our decisions should always be made after much prayer and good Godly councel (like your youth pastor and the missionaries you would be working with). We do not believe that it would be God’s will that any on our teens come back married! lol. I asked Jonathan grandpa Hoover what his thoughts were. His comment was Jonathan could stay only if Chrissy Green was willing to take his place on the roofs. Of course she better keep up at the pace Jonathan was working, because my dad is a slave driver!!!! I will leave my comments at that. I love you Jonathan and James!!!!!Mom

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