Chicken Soup for the Soul

There’s nothin’ quite as fun as unexpectedly running into an old bff! There really isn’t! It’s like hot chicken soup on a cold day or wrapping up in a big warm fuzzy blanket. It’s kinda like finding a $20 bill in your pocket. You just can’t get enough of those happy surprise moments in life! This afternoon I was tearing down my booth at the art show, awkwardly carrying my 32″ TV up the stairs when I heard a familiar voice coming from a few steps up. “What?!? Did I miss the whole thing?” When I looked up, I just about threw my TV over the railing and did a little happy dance! One of my BEST childhood friends stood there with the biggest cheesy grin on his face! He is seriously one of THE chillest, most loyal, down-to-earth guys you’ll ever meet and I have lots of good memories of our little posse going on camping trips, ski trips, havin’ super bowl parties, playin’ pool, roller blading, biking, bein’ the rock, the shoulder, the light at the end of the tunnel for each other. Josh isn’t the only one…there was a whole group of us that comprised this tight knit group…but seeing him brought back so many great childhood memories for me. I feel like I just finished a great novel with happy ending or found that perfect-fit pair of jeans at a 50% off sale.

Or maybe all of those put together.

(Ladies, he’s single and loves long walks at sunset…he’s a catch but you have to get my stamp of approval first!)





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