Half a year flies by {Ryleigh}

It seems like only yesterday Ryleigh was born. No wait…wasn’t it yesterday was when I photographed her Mommy and Daddy’s wedding…she must have been born earlier this morning! Well, either way, TIME FLIES! Ryleigh is 6 months old now and already a fashion diva! Check her out in her zebra stripes and feather hat! I fell in love instantly with her little Miss Thang outfit! Unfortunately, Ryleigh is…selective…about who gets smiles and I wasn’t on her list yet. Her agent told me that she was nervous because the last two sessions were…shall we say “birthday suit” sessions…and she thought that was entirely inappropriate now that she’s SIX months old. I reassured her, but still, I got skunk-eyed a few times. 🙂

DADDY gets big grins, though…he’s definitely on the A list!


Look at her awesome huge eyes!!! I love this gaze!






This was one of my favorite shots of the day! Most of the shots we were trying to get were in this great little zebra bed at this adorable little children’s boutique in Granger: Hugs From Heaven (who graciously allowed us to photograph in their store!!!!). But Ryleigh doesn’t LIKE beds. I should have known…it was right on her shirt!


Six months and standing like this? Pretty amazing!



LOVE this look! It makes me laugh every time!


Such a sophisticated look!


She ordered a tall iced cappucino, with cream, in case you’re wondering.



A grin! I don’t remember what prompted this grin, but I was jumping up and down excited about it!


This is one loooooved bebe!


Thanks again to Hugs from Heaven for allowing us to use their gorgeous store for some of these great shots! Also to Caffe Gelato and Macri’s Piaaza.

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