Aaron and Jessica

I’ve been SUCH a bad blogger!!!!! I apologize…please forgive me! Wedding season seriously takes over my life and I have not had time to keep my blog as current as I’d like to.

BUT, what way to kick back into the groove…just WAIT till you see Jessica and Aaron’s gorgeous wedding…WOWZAS!! I was so excited to shoot at the Tippecanoe Mansion and excited to work with Jessica, who I’ve known for several years. I was glad she had a gorgeous day for her outdoor wedding too…it was BEAUTIFUL!

The girls all had their hair and makeup done by the amazing artists at Emblazon Salon.

odell 0015.jpgIodell 0001.jpg

odell 0013.jpg

odell 0039.jpg

odell 0044.jpg

odell 0069.jpg

odell 0101.jpg

odell 0114.jpg

Aaron made a studly groom, very calm and cool while he waited to see Jessica.

odell 0121.jpg

odell 0123.jpg

I seriously love this picture…

odell 0128.jpg

Aaron and Jessica opted to see each other before the ceremony so we could get PLENTY of pictures. I love how it allowed us to choose where they saw each other too, creating this gorgeous picture of that moment for them.

odell 0135.jpg

odell 0148.jpg

These guys know how to WORK it!

odell 0168.jpg

Cute candid moment…

odell 0174.jpg

I could NOT for the life of me decide between these next two shots, so I just had to include them both. I love them individually for the way they feel and I simply couldn’t choose!

odell 0178.jpg

odell 0182.jpg

The gorgeous mansion…and gorgeous couple!

odell 0193.jpg

odell 0196.jpg

We had some extra time so we did some fashion bridals.

odell 0200.jpg

My absolute FAVORITE shot of the day…this one is hanging huge on my office wall because it matches the feel and decor so PERFECTLY!!

odell 0764.jpg

odell 0201.jpg

More fun pictures showcasing the mansion…

odell 0206.jpg

odell 0316.jpg

odell 0322.jpg

A quick prayer before the ceremony…

odell 0326.jpg

odell 0384.jpg

odell 0389.jpg

odell 0407.jpg

odell 0413.jpg

odell 0420.jpg

odell 0438.jpg

odell 0516.jpg

odell 0529.jpg

odell 0536.jpg

odell 0540.jpg

odell 0584.jpg

odell 0611.jpg

odell 0623.jpg

I’m just so moved by these pictures…especially because I’ve known Jessica and her dad for years and I know how close they are…I really almost cried here!

odell 0626.jpg

odell 0639.jpg

odell 0692.jpg

odell 0697.jpg

A little flare 😉

odell 0699.jpg

A lotta flare 😀

odell 0703.jpg

Jessica and Aaron look on as her grandparents dance after winning the Anniversary Dance.

odell 0755.jpg