2009 — Best Jumpers

I have a weird fascination with jumping! I think it’s soo amazing to capture that split second moment when someone’s hanging in thin air. It’s a moment that you otherwise would not be able to fully appreciate fully with the expression that happens and disappears so quickly. People almost always smile! But if you can jump without cracking a smile, that says something about you too, and makes an image almost funnier! Of course, I do occasionally have people who decline the jumping suggestion and it’s ok…it doesn’t bum me out too bad. But I sure love the pictures I get when they’re up for it! 🙂 These are some of my favorite 2009 Jump Shots. 🙂















dudek 1080.jpg

2009 — Best Laughs

Wow. Another year gone like a whirlwind! And what a year it was! I began my wedding season with 4 weddings in 3 weekends: Saturday, Saturday, Sunday (in FL!), Saturday. What an awesome month that was…that was so fun!! In spite of the fast start, I was still able to keep my goal of limiting myself to 15 weddings. It was insanely busy at times, but overall managable with the ages of my kids right now. I was really happy with it. God blessed us so much.

I’ve decided to do something a little different this year, to wrap things up. There was no conceivable way I could even begin to narrow down my favorites…I narrowed it down to 435 and that’s as good as I could do. So instead, I’m going to do a series of posts in categories:

Best laughs, best dancers, best jumpers, best kisses, most romantic, coolest skies, total rockstars, funny shots, best reflections, best smiles, best flower pictures, best dress pictures, coolest places, best eyes, dog pictures, best in fashion, best childhood moments, best in color, and cool candids.

As you can see, this is going to take awhile. I hope you enjoy reminiscing with me as I re-live 2009, as seen through my lens. Without further ado, here are the best laughs of 2009. I dare you to make it all the way through without LAUGHING at least once! 🙂





dudek 1060a.jpg



















Featured: The Maternal Lens

A couple of months ago I discovered The Maternal Lens and I have been positively ADDICTED ever since. These girls have SERIOUSLY great taste and every post they make has me excited to see what they’ll uncover next!

And I honestly don’t think this SIMPLY because they featured ME…lol. I truly love this blog and find it refreshing, reliable, and inspiring! If you’d like to read my article, head on over and check it out here. After that, peruse! You’ll find a nice collection of very talented photographers and fun features.

Thanks to Shannon of Thousand Words Photography for the low down throw down!

The Maternal Lens Screenshot.jpg


Nikki. Rocks.

The moment I saw Nikki, I thought she would be SUCH a fun model to work with and I was absolutely right! Not only was she photogenic no matter WHAT she did, but she was hilariously funny and kept me laughing the whole afternoon! I think she’s destined for greatness. I could be wrong, but I’m USUALLY right about these things. 🙂



Nikki’s hair was done by Sarah and makeup was by Kelly, both at the incredible Emblazon Salon.


See what I mean? Hilarious!!


One of my instant fav’s the moment I snapped the shutter:



Coolest eyes!!!


People often email me and ask where I find these scenic places to shoot…Indiana, baby! Indiana is a gorgeous place to live! Come visit sometime!


These are the moments I love my job so much I just want to jump up and down and do a little dance! When I asked Nikki to lay down in the middle of the parking lot…in a wedding dress…and she says without hesitation, “OK!” and proceeds to BE exactly what I envisioned for this shot… I LOVE my job!!! I don’t take for granted, for even a second, the trust that I’m given. People usually have no idea what I’m dreaming up, but they trust me 110% and I’m so thankful for that! The confidence that people have in me is what allows me to succeed.


I specifically wanted to see how clear Nikki’s eyes would sparkle here and I was not disappointed…look at how cool they look!


A shot loosely inspired by my photographic mentor, Jerry Ghionis.


It’s so dark I can hardly focus, but I’m still getting a cool glow from the sky, so we’re still swatting mosquitoes and shooting. 🙂 Again, Nikki totally ROCKED!! Can’t wait till she actually gets married so we can do this again! 😉


The Raw Talent Class

The Raw Talent Class has now ushered 50 students through to the world of better picture taking this year!!!! Here’s just a sampling of the feedback we’re getting:

“I just wanted to let you know I LOVED your class…and I really really want you to do a part 2!! I’ll be there! Thanks again – I can’t say enough great things about this course – it (and you!) was fabulous!” ~P.N.

“Thanks so much for teaching the class and being so patient with all of us! I have learned a TON! By far the best class I have taken! You have opened up the world of manual picture taking for me.” ~Kim

“I wanted to say thank you! This class has been fun and certainly educational, ha! I have learned so much and am super excited about where I am at right now and I know that in the months to come my photos will look better and better. You have an incredible eye and it’s been fun to learn as you critiqued photos along the way – completely rearranged my ideas of great photos.” ~H.S.

What’s all the buzz about? The Raw Talent Class is an online photography class taught by the artist behind Rawsii wedding photography: Christi Nelson. It’s designed to take novice and beginning DSLR users from the very frustrating feeling of “WHY IS MY CAMERA DOING THIS????” to a comfortable level ready for practice and marked improvement. For four weeks we cover the aspects of getting a correct exposure. The weekly assignments will help you understand what your camera is doing and why. Each assignment is reviewed so you know how you did and what you need to work on. At the end of four weeks, you get a one-on-one phone call from Christi to go over anything that might still be confusing you about exposure. Weeks 5-7 cover artistic aspects of photography and the 8th week covers post processing techniques in Lightroom and Photoshop. The cost of the eight week class is $250 which includes a disk of Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials and Christi’s own special sharpening action that makes her images look so crisp and sharp.

Right now we’re working our way through the waiting list, so if you’re on it, you might be getting an email soon! If we have 15 people on the list who are ready to take it in February, then the class will be full. If we make it through the list and still have some spots open, we’ll be opening it up on facebook for last minute takers. If you’d like to get a head start, put your name on the waiting list now! Email bridget@rawsii.com right away!

And here’s a sneak peek!…