Wedding Collections begin at $5500

Portrait Sessions Begin at $900
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All Rawsii packages include an intense amount of personalization.  That is truly the core element of our artwork.  Every Rawsii wedding takes on a feel and intensity all its own because we put a lot of effort into figuring out who you are as a couple and what you envision for your day.  I don’t shoot as a disconnected professional, I and my staff are emotionally invested into your wedding day and this is why our artwork conveys such a powerful message.  Because of this, there are things built into our packages that most other photographers consider “extras.” 
1)      The engagement session is often billed separately with other photographers but we consider this a MUST.  Even for out of state clients, we require it.  I need to get to know you and I need for you to be familiar with my style of directing prior to the wedding so that we can make the most of the very limited time on your wedding day.  
2)      Also, most wedding photographers bill for hours over 8 and we prefer to remove that stress from our clients.  We will stay till the job is done (“done” meaning the last major event of the reception is photographed, usually the bouquet toss).  I work with you to plan your day so that it flows most comfortably for everyone, including my crew, but if the plan goes awry, we will not be billing you for extra hours.  I need you to be as comfortable and carefree as possible on your wedding day so I can get the best pictures of you! 
3)      I always attend the rehearsal, if possible (NOT the rehearsal dinner, only the rehearsal) for several reasons: a) So YOU can rest at ease that I know where to be, b) So I can plan my lighting and angles, c) So I can speak with the officiant to try to avoid any last minute conflicts that might affect my ability to capture your wedding day memories. 


4) Lastly, we include a wall print in each of our packages.  It is our specialty to capture EPIC moments and an 8×10 simply doesn’t cut it.  16×20 is the smallest wall print that your most epic wedding moment deserves and so we insist that each of our clients have one!  If you are absolutely adamantly opposed, we do allow a print credit of the same amount to be used towards smaller (or larger) prints.