Best of 2012 – Silhouettes and Reflections

I confess…I’m a save the best for last kinda girl.  And I’m drawn to silhouettes.  It’s no secret.  Reflections are a close second.  These pictures are artistic fuel to my soul.  Swoon!!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little flashback as much as I have.  Now it’s time to move onward and upward.  Here’s to 2013 and being better than yesterday!

IMG_1702 IMG_2414 IMG_2925 IMG_5757 IMG_6008-2 IMG_6575 IMG_6769 IMG_7018 IMG_7250 IMG_7259 IMG_7661 IMG_7787 IMG_7838 IMG_8786 IMG_8893 IMG_9787 IMG_9881 pendl_2825 puliti_2075 whitehead_sheraton_sacred_heart_indianapolis_1074 patrick_0549 fussle180 fussle1160 fussle1166 graz_1932 IMG_0964a IMG_1144a

Best of 2012 – Storytelling

This is category I’d love to populate more.  A lot of images are storytelling but I put them in other categories because I loved them for their other qualities more.  These are images I felt could not avoid the intrigue of the story.  When I look at them, I build a before and an after in my mind.  I’d love to hear what stories they evoke in YOUR minds!  I wonder if it’s anything close to what I’m imagining!

IMG_8411 IMG_8496 IMG_2190 IMG_4172 IMG_5155 IMG_5406 IMG_6002 IMG_6024 IMG_7209 IMG_9958a pendl_2835 puliti_0093 puliti_0386

Best of 2012 – Lost in the Moment

As I was sorting through images from the year and figuring out the categories, I began to notice there were a bunch of pictures I loved primarily for one reason…I felt like my subjects simply forgot I was there.  They were SO completely lost in each other that I could have walked away and they wouldn’t have noticed.  I can’t get enough of that!  When people love each other that much (and trust me that much) I just feel like I’m witnessing something sacred.  We see movies where actors play pretty convincing roles, but this?  This is for REAL.  And I’m pleased to be able to share those moments with you…I hope you feel the same as I do.

puliti_0532 fussle1454a Composite 3 graz_0711 graz_2430 graz_2899 graz_2934 IMG_0693a IMG_0864 IMG_1114 IMG_6536 IMG_6558 IMG_6778 IMG_6784 IMG_9496 IMG_9529 IMG_9677a

Best of 2012 – Details

Details, details, details.  So tiny, yet such a BIG DEAL.  Leah Hoskins, infant photographer extraordinaire, is my second shooter and as it turns out babies aren’t the only tiny thing she’s phenomenal at photographing!  I’m guessing at least half of the detail shots shown here are hers.  It would take too long to identify which ones so I hope you’ll simply enjoy our simpatico.

whitehead details Barber Shop Compo Ceremony Detail Board 1 composite2 web Details 1 fussle1600 graz_0052 graz_0075 graz_0076 graz_0093 graz_0130 graz_1460 graziano details puliti_0191 puliti_0198 Reception Detail Board 1a Untitled-1

Best of 2012 – Locations

I think one of the reasons 2012 has been such an exciting year is because of all the very cool places I’ve had the opportunity to photograph.  Some of them have been very far away and some not so far at all, but I’ve found myself consistently in awe of my surroundings.  It’s challenging and humbling to attempt to bottle amazing scenery in a container the size of a photograph.  I don’t think I did a single one of them justice.  I guess I’ll just have to go back and try again *wink wink*

whitehead_sheraton_sacred_heart_indianapolis_0309 fussle067 fussle229 fussle367 fussle381 fussle810 fussle844 fussle873 fussle898 fussle1411 IMG_2230 IMG_2255 IMG_2491 IMG_2620 IMG_2817 IMG_2905 IMG_3104 IMG_3578 IMG_4453 IMG_4657 IMG_6541 IMG_6645 IMG_8067 patrick_1272 patrick_1291 pendl_1352 pendl_1453

Best of 2012 – Skies

My very first photographic passion was capturing sunsets.  Incorporating brilliant skies into my images is still the most spine tingling, high-fiving, satisfying feeling EVA!!  I just can’t get enough of it.  There are lots of other images that would qualify for this category but I narrowed it down to images that stand out primarily for that reason and don’t fall into other categories.  You’ll see a lot more cool skies in the category Silhouettes and Reflections.IMG_6969 IMG_1716 IMG_1082 IMG_0819 whitehead_sheraton_sacred_heart_indianapolis_1956